Medical Assistant

Medical Assistants play a crucial role in the delivery of care across the Corewell Health system. Whether working in the hospital or provider office setting, MAs help create a better experience for our patients and their families.

Join Corewell Health as a Medical Assistant

An MA’s responsibilities may include: 

  • Supporting the care team 
  • Preparing patient for provider, collect medical history and take vitals 
  • Documenting patient visits and complete referrals 
  • Performing various administrative duties 
  • Providing immunizations/injections 
  • And more!

New MA or Have Experience? Career Opportunities Await

An MA at Corewell Health may go beyond the typical MA position. For those who would like to advance and use their skills more broadly, there are many opportunities within Corewell Health. Opportunities include: 
  • Clerical office assistant 
  • Senior medical assistant 
  • Care team lead 
  • Practice supervisor 
  • Operations specialist 
  • Practice manager 
  • Health informatics specialist
  • Quality improvement specialist 
  • Health systems trainer 
  • And more!